Ensuring Continuous Learning – Education

The immediate focus in the Education sector is to address the disruptions caused by the pandemic and ensuing social distancing measures at all levels of education. Practical steps will be taken to minimise disruption to learning, utilising technology as appropriate. Specifically, virtual learning will be implemented (either online or through broadcast), virtual convocation ceremonies or issuance of certificates (with postponed ceremonies) should be implemented to continue educational progression.

In similar context, consideration will be given to suspending the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Orientation Camp Exercises for at least 24 months while allowing deployment to places of primary assignment. This will ensure that there is no backlog in the National Service placement pipeline. Going forward, steps will also be taken to address three key issues in the educational sector- the incidence of Out of School Children, the national shortage of basic education teachers and the urgent need to develop proficiency in STEM/TVET and digital literacy on a national level.

The project will be delivered over 36 months to accommodate the longer lead times in the education sector while addressing the incidence of Out-Of-School Children (OOSC). It is expected that with the structures that are established by this project, a major post-project benefit will be the eradication of the incidence of OOSC within five years.

The project will generate accurate and verifiable education data necessary for planning and decision-making and will involve extensive stakeholder engagement at State and local government levels as well as private sector engagement to understand needs as well as sensitise local populations on skills development and entrepreneurship. The project will create employment opportunities for qualified graduates and will develop the required proficiency of the teaching professionals in those critical subjects that underpin productivity, efficiency and innovation in a modern economy.

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