Digital Switch Over Programme

The ongoing national Digital Switch Over Programme (DSO) will be accelerated to support the process of the Analogue Switch Off (ASO) freeing up the spectrum for resale and deliver the benefits of Digital Television. The DSO will underpin the development of a sound digital economy in Nigeria, create jobs around the manufacturing, installation and maintenance of associated equipment and expand jobs in the creative sector (including presenters, producers, content creators, actors) which will now have enhanced outlets for distribution of creative content.

Local licensed manufacturers will expand production of components for the DSO equipment under the accelerated DSO programme. Other benefits of the programme will include an increase in digital television penetration across the country and provide an opportunity for increased revenue generation from the sale of the vacated spectrum. The DSO programme will reduce the cost of internet services and increase broadband penetration in Nigeria as well as provide opportunities for audience management which will add value to the Nigerian advertising sector.

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