Food for All: Agriculture and Food Security

This project which will take place over a period of 12 months and is intended to expand existing production in the agricultural sector and stimulate the establishment of new farms in partnership with State Governments, the private sector and individual citizens. The intention is for the project to create 5 million jobs by focusing on increasing land under cultivation with State Governments contributing between 20,000 to 100,000 hectares from a combination of aggregated smallholder farms and utilisation of abandoned states farm settlements and agricultural projects.

The project will span the entire agricultural value chain, from ‘farm to table’ as it were. It will support small holder farmers directly or through outgrower schemes with services and inputs including land-clearing, ploughing, provision of seeds, saplings, fertilisers, pesticides as well as extension services, storage to mitigate post-harvest losses and equipment. Farmers will also be linked to low-interest input financing.

The increased production will be purchased by private sector anchor purchasers (e.g. large conglomerates), agro-processors, commodity exchanges and procurement for government strategic reserves. In addition, any unsold produce will be purchased at a reserve price by relevant agencies on behalf of the Federal Government. Also, to facilitate access to farms, there will be extensive construction of rural roads, using locally sourced materials like granites and rocks.

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