The Future of Work – Strategy For Jobs in Technology

The Strategy for Jobs in Technology will take advantage of opportunities in the digital economy to create 1 million jobs in outsourcing. It is intended to create jobs by training young Nigerians to take advantage of existing initiatives in the digital economy, including in education, entertainment, e-commerce, financial services and software development. Specifically, it intends to leverage the high job creation potential of the technology sector by using policy to deepen the provision of business support services, including business process outsourcing in the economy. For these purposes, this strategy incorporates the expansion of broadband connectivity to business services parks and locations.

Additional workspaces for private sector participants will be identified in partnership with State Governments to form technology parks and outsourcing centres. Service standards will be set for the private sector through regulatory agencies, e.g. NCC, FCCPC, CBN and for the government through the office of the SGF and the Head of Service. This will stimulate activity in the contact (call) centre and document digitisation sectors. By enhancing their customer service structure in compliance with minimum standards established by regulation, customer facing government agencies will be leading off-takers of these services in addition to major private sector entities like banks, telecommunications companies, satellite television services, airlines and e-commerce operators.

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