Solid Minerals

This project aims to develop artisanal and small-scale mining for economic growth and development in Nigeria. The promotion and fostering of cluster development is expected to rapidly spur job creation. This will also agglomerate ASM producers, customers and competitors based on geographical proximity or linked by complementary expertise which will promote efficiency and increase specialisation and production.

It is expected that the development of clusters will create sustainable competitive advantages via the development of downstream mining industries, the generation of new start-up companies, increase in the level of competitive inputs and in the level of employment in all business activities related to the mining cluster, increase in the rate and exportation of value-added products and services as well as attract foreign investments.

The target area for the implementation of the project is the known ASM high density States in Nigeria, including Osun (gold mining), Zamfara (gold mining), Kaduna, Niger (gold mining), Bauchi (kaolin & coltan), Nasarawa, Gombe (gypsum) and Plateau (tin) states. The aim is to set-up a cluster in each geopolitical zone.

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